Hi all!

This is Maria, welcome to my personal blog :)

Let’s share a little bit of my life and what you will find here:

Born and raised in Spain, I moved with my husband to Doha in November 2013. Since then, everything I’ve experienced has been simply awesome. I love the people, the country, the food, the weather, Ramadan, everything!! I am so grateful and happy for living in such an amazing country.

Graduated from University of Malaga in 2004 in Communication Sciences, I also got two Master Degrees one in Corporate Communications and one in Online Marketing and Communications. I am also on my way to get mi Phd in Communications once I finish my thesis but I guess this will take a while :)

I am an animal lover and I own two beautiful rabbits called Arnold & Boira, they are simply the cutest thing ever! I am also passionate about music, in fact I DJ! but you will never ever heard David Guetta through my speakers (sorry David Guetta fans), I started playing Deep house and Soulful and you know, Kings of Tomorrow, Kaskade, Hed  Kandi, Miguel Migs, Reel People… good stuff right? I just love my new midi controller and can spend hours mixing.

What else? I almost forget! I love writing and I have been collaborating with magazines in Spain so it was natural for me to publish a book so I did it! My first poetry book was launched in Spain before moving to Qatar and it is called Melanchoholic, a beautiful beautiful experience 

In my blog you will find my firsts posts in Spanish, they will remain that way as they are focused on Spanish events and are part of my history as blogger, but from now on I will share posts about advertising, communications and things about Qatar from my point of view in English.

I just added a new tab under Qatar called Reviews, where I will share my experience in restaurants and hotels across the country through a Marketing approach, dos and dont’s, customer experience, etc.


If you ever want to contact me for professional or personal issues you can always drop me a line at maria@mariamorgado.com


Please come and visit and If you wanna share your opinion I´ll be more than pleased to read and reply to it. Don´t be shy!



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