Grand Heritage Hotel 1

grand heritage dohaSince I moved to Doha, I have enjoyed going to hotels from time to time for just one night. For me is just a parallel world where I can forget about duties, stress, work and just relax. As I travel a lot and I am a specialist in Marketing&Communications, every time I go to a Hotel or Restaurant I just can’t control seeing things from a marketing point of view. Saying that, I will start my review with this beautiful hotel, next to Aspire Academy.




~DECOR The Grand Heritage is old style decor, full of carpets and antique design, its interior is designed accordingly to the facade, so when you go in, you know what to expect. However, this kind of style makes the hotel look a little bit dark and if one thing needs to be changed, it is the paintings across the hotel rooms and corridors, they look old, they are ugly, and they seem cheap, as if the Hotel buyer them in bulk you know? the fake flower bouquets inside glass boxes in the corridors don’t help either to the design.


IMG_8757 IMG_8756 IMG_8751


Maria’s Score: 6 out of 10


~THE ROOM The room was big, and it was the executive suite in the first floor. It had a beautiful living room, a big size bedroom separated and a big walk in closet. It had two big tv flat screens and overall it was very nice (I’m not talking about the paintings here, I really hated them xD) The bathroom was a little small compared with the rest of the room and after having a shower all the water just fled away so I needed to place towels in the floor to dry it, not cool.

Let’s talk about the details here, because it is really important to define what is good from what is the best and details give you the crown. It is all about the details, details make perfection guys.

Grand Heritage, is just good: The bedroom had a place for coffee with Nespresso machine and tea with two varieties to choose from, I loved it but when I opened the coffee drawer it was just three capsules of the same coffee in a drawer designed for five capsules. I as a guest am restricted to have only three coffees? if we are a couple it means that we only can enjoy one and a half cup of coffee each of us?

The worse thing is that when you pay a suite in a five star hotel you expect someone taking care of you and your needs and this made me feel that I was not treated the way I deserved. Besides, what about only one toothbrush in the bathroom? again, do I need to ask for something it should have been there in the first place? Finally, please, remove the stains in the chairs. As a guest, if I want to seat to have my breakfast or to work or whatever and the first thing I see when I grab the chair is a stain, I don’t want to sit there anymore, and I automatically start thinking about the hidden dirt in the rest of furniture as the couch or arm couches over there, not cool again.

IMG_8712grand heritage doha


Maria’s score: 6.5 out of 10


Let’s be fair on here, I just loved the food, from the breakfast in my room to the suhoor in the hotel tent, it was amazing, seriously, thank you Grand Heritage for that. Suhoor was full of nice dishes with salads table, live stations for kebabs and crepes, starters, and nice desserts (in case you don’t know, I would kill for a good dessert) so yeah, I pretty much liked it. The service was so attentive filling the water every time needed and asking if everything was ok from time to time, very nice.

If you ever go, please ask for the Creme brûlée, it is just simply the best I ever tasted in my whole life. Delicious!!!

Just one thing I didn’t like, once again, take care of the details pleeeaaseeeeeee. I don’t want to go to the chocolate fountain and see the marshmallow sticks with rests of chocolate from another customer. And if I order a cheese omelette for my breakfast don’t deliver a vegetable omelette xD although it was really nice


:) IMG_8721 IMG_8722 IMG_8724 IMG_8725 IMG_8726 IMG_8727 IMG_8728  


Maria’s Score: 8 out of 10



I need to be serious about the following: If I go to a five starts hotel, I want the valet to open the door for me. All the hotels where they open the car door for the lady are usually and from my experience better hotels that the ones they don’t show any care for the woman. Seriously, this is international etiquette, you come first and open the car door for me, check that I am fine, welcome me nicely and then go to my husband to take the car, simple as that. If not, my first impression about the hotel is bad bad bad and you don’t want a customer thinking ‘wow they are not as polite as they should be’ when they come to your hotel for the first time.

Besides that, the hotel is full of service people, like a lot of people standing over here and over there, but I don’t know exactly what were they doing xD I’m sorry that was my impression. Saying that, on the afternoon at 12,15 we wanted to go to the spa to have a bath at the swimming pool and the jacuzzy and it was closed, not only closed, there was nobody there! n-o-b-o-d-y. Then we asked to one of the many people they have in the lobby and he said: I don’t know, maybe they are eating. What!?!? like, really?!?!?

Checking out, the girl on the from desk just asked us about our stay and we complaint about the swimming pool thing, she just apologised and that’s it, I mean, she was veery sweet and very nice, but just apologising, I don’t know, maybe offer me a discount to enjoy one of your food outlets? it is not too much to ask, this way you keep me returning to the hotel and then you have the possibility to make me change my mind and win me as a client again. Strategically I can assure you it’s worth it.

We were so disappointed we just went back to the room, watch a lil tv and then headed home, where we have our pool open from 5am to 11pm, my chairs have no stains, my paintings are modern and beautiful and I can drink as much coffee as I want. And at this point you will say, why then you choose to go to a hotel if you have everything at home? yeah guys, you are right, but the point of going to a suite in a five star hotel it is to feel treated like a queen, to not bother or worry about anything at all because they will take care of me, to find a place just to relax and enjoy and let others take care of me filling my needs. If I don’t find this, then I won’t come back and choose a competitor –> you lost a client. Simple as that.

Maria’s Score: 6 out of 10


I hope you enjoyed reading my review. If you are a traveller, I hope this will help you, and if you are a brand, I hope you got the message: details details details! and strategic thinking!  If you are able to combine these two things properly, you will notice big changes! In the following post I will analyse the Grand Heritage Corporate Identity. Stay tuned!!


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